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International Paris Air Show 2015

Rexiaa-group and APM

APM aircrafts will be on Paris Air Show 2015 from the 15ft to the 21st of June.

Grass Cockpit Challenge

APM's aircrafts and Issoire Aviation welcome Grass Cockpit challenge for the night stop on Friday, May 29th 2015.


Défi 100/24

On the 26&27th june 2014, the Brocard Team with an APM40 SIMBA reachs its objectives making the 100 touch and go in 24h.

Hop ! Tour des Jeunes Pilotes

Issoire Aviation & APM partners of the HTJP give to the organization an APM40 throughout 2 weeks of the Tour.


is tested in

Info Pilote

of July

Marketing start of the APM40 SIMBA

Launch price of APM40 Simba : 200000€ (base version with GNS430 and night VFR)
Avions Philippe Moniot is heir to a long tradition of innovation, know-how and customer responsiveness.
The APM 20 Lionceau made its grand debut officially in Issoire on 17th May 1999, its certification date. The Lion, first certified in 2007, is an extension of the Lionceau’s certification, with the same airframe and wing assembly, a different engine and a third seat. In 2011, the APM 40 Simba was added to the range. These aircraft are revolutionary in their design, performance and flying characteristics.
They were designed by Philippe Moniot - already a designer of many other aircraft, including some Wassmer models – for training pilots in flying clubs and flight schools; they are also excellent travel aircraft because of their cruising speeds (up to 113kt for the Lionceau and 128kt for the Lion) and their low specific consumption.
Heir to a long tradition of innovation, 30 years after the Wassmer 51 Pacific became the world’s first certified all-composite aircraft, the Lionceau is the world’s first all-carbon aircraft to be certified under the VLA (Very Light Aircraft) standard. As for the Lion, it is the first aircraft to be certified under this standard as a three-seater and for night VFR flight. The Simba, a four-seater aircraft designed for travelling, advanced training and elementary aerobatics, has just been added to the APM range.